Women Rocking Wall Street: A Kick Aspirational Resource for Women in Financial Services

ShoeFitts Marketing president Sheri Fitts offers women in the financial services industry some aspirational and inspirational interviews on her new “Women Rocking Wall Street” podcast.

Women in financial services just got a new stage where they can find their inner rock star. “Women Rocking Wall Street”, hosted by ShoeFitts Marketing president Sheri Fitts, brings kick aspirational stories to women looking for mentorship and the courage to thrive in the male-dominated financial services industry.

“Women are in a huge Wall Street gender gap,” explains Fitts. “Here we are in 2015, yet only 30 percent of financial advisors are women and even fewer are in leadership roles. I want to help change those statistics.”
However Fitts points out, the podcast “isn’t about pushing down one group in order to elevate another; it’s about helping women step out on stage, find their inner strength, and be a rock star.”

“Women Rocking Wall Street” features motivational interviews with women in a variety of businesses and industries. “The podcast is my attempt to bring some awesome women together,” says Fitts. “I want to build a tribe, and help support and inspire more women to join and thrive in the financial services arena.”

While a number of industries have gender gaps, Fitts says the spread in financial services is worse than most. “Women in financial services account for only 19 percent of senior-level positions and two percent of CEO roles,” Fitts points out, and notes that while women typically earn 77 percent of males across all industries that number falls to 66 percent in financial services.
Fitts believes this gap can be remedied. “Women need strong mentors, and they need to see the benefits and appeal to working in financial services so we can get more women into the field and into executive positions.”

Women are particularly poised to help financial services increase business, Fitts points out. “Women make up 51 percent of the population and lead many company human resource departments. They want to interact with an advisor who understands their personal and professional financial needs and concerns. It’s important to remember, women are not a niche!”
“Women Rocking Wall Street” lets Fitts share some of the gumption and where-with-all that has made her so successful. “I have been pushing boundaries for years! When I was 13, I passed on babysitting and opted instead for something in sales and distribution — I had no idea that paper delivery was a male-dominated field.”

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