There are no marketing hacks.

Tricking someone into clicking something in your email based on a false or misleading premise is an awful way to start a relationship.


The whole concept of using clickbait to feed people into a lead generation “funnel” is slimy, in my book. (In what world would your best clients want to be classified as a ‘lead’ or manipulated into a funnel?)

Important point: Authentic marketing is not hackable.

One of the ironic byproducts of the digital age is that, to connect with clients, we have had to become deft publishers of our best ideas. This is the basis of good thought leadership. The hard part of becoming a thought leader, though, is learning how to develop your voice and having the confidence to step into the place where you are comfortable with “publishing” your best ideas. That takes no small amount of courage. And it takes a lot of hard work to focus on what is meaningful to you and your clients and avoid things that do not make you happy or productive.

Let’s face it: Content marketing, inbound marketing, thought leadership marketing — call it what you will, it’s all about offering content that is relevant and valuable to the people you are trying to attract to your way of thinking. The process requires you to become a fully amplified influencer of your tribe.

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