The FiduciaryU Podcast: Capturing Hearts and Minds with Sheri Fitts

Do you have one of those ‘industry’ friends that you secretly wish was a capital F, FRIEND?

Josh Itzoe is one of those for me.

It seems the only times we can talk is in a crowded and busy hallway at some industry conference. And even within that tiny bit of time, he always throws out bombs of fabulousness: books to read, ideas to consider, new projects he was working on.


I hope you listen in – for a few reasons. 1. He is a gracious and kind host. 2. He offers up some of that fabulousness straight away. 3. I get to share the history behind digitalEQ™ and framework behind the methodology.

Listen (or watch). I promise you. You’ll be glad you did.

Here are some of my favorite Josh idea BOMBS:

8 minutes; 26 seconds: “It is easy to become complacent in our relationships. Advantages get competed away over time; if you’re standing still, you are losing ground.” It is something like, “relational inflation.”

✅ What are you doing to grow and learn and add value to your client relationships?

25 minutes; 29 seconds: “Our core purpose was to improve lives by helping people make better decisions for themselves and those who depended on them.” And then he dives into more of how they used that core purpose with each other and clients. SOOOO GOOOD! (Love your neighbor. Serve others. Master your craft.)

✅ Do you have a manifesto? What is your core purpose? How does that show up in your relationships and client experience?

32 minutes; 37 seconds: “I want to know very early on in the sales process, do I feel like this prospect and I are closely aligned? Because if we’re closely aligned, we’ll make magic together.”

✅ Do you have a no asshole rule? How do you ensure that the relationships in your business life feed you? (And don’t suck the life out of you?!!)

47 minutes; 31 seconds: “Words matter. The words we use influence our thoughts. Our thoughts shape our beliefs. Our beliefs drive our behavior.”

✅ This is such a good reminder. Choose your words wisely.

From my side of the conversation, we focused on the human aspect of financial services and how we communicate with our clients and prospects. We dive into the power of storytelling, how and why advisors need to get super clear about their purposes and values, why vulnerability is a superpower (but can’t be “hacked” for social media purposes), and why first impressions matter so much.

Plus, much more.

Here’s the link one more time!