The World Needs More Storytellers

As a public speaker, I have a dream of creating my own TED Talk. Spending eighteen minutes on stage expressing a passionate idea I believe can change the world. (Of course, my concept would center around rebooting the way we teach, talk, and share information about money and retirement.) Yep, it is on my bucket list. Last night, I added another dream on to the list: become a better storyteller. (And maybe, one day, be a speaker at The Moth.)

Last night, we had the opportunity to attend a showing of The Moth, an organization dedicated to the art of storytelling; it was an amazing night. The stories were compelling and interesting and the storytellers themselves were absolute pros. They had ten minutes to create a connection with the audience and they did. We laughed, cried, applauded like crazy and during the intermission we yapped up a storm about what we’d heard and, more importantly, what we’d felt.

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