ShoeFitts Announces Digital Marketing Program for Retirement Plan Advisors

Portland, OregonOctober 1, 2014 — ShoeFitts Marketing announces the January 2015 launch of a much-anticipated ready-to-go digital marketing program for retirement plan advisors. Aptly called Ready, Set, Sell, the program provides advisors with both the content and technical know-how to implement consistent retirement plan marketing each and every month.

“We know marketing and digital marketing are overwhelming for many firms,” explains ShoeFitts Marketing president Sheri Fitts. “There’s a lot to consider, like compliance issues, rules and regulations, archiving, and the creation of a social media policy and training program. Firms must also consider what content to create and how to implement a consistent digital marketing program.”

Yet, Fitts points out, in today’s connective world, advisors cannot afford to overlook the necessary role digital marketing plays in a comprehensive total marketing plan. Fitts says Ready, Set, Sell addresses this need and helps make the process easy and helpful for advisors throughout the retirement plan industry.

Ready, Set, Sell includes customized content and implementation guidance to fuel simple but standout digital marketing,” Fitts explains. Each month, participants receive relevant and timely industry articles, social media content, website keywords, and an eNewsletter, plus technical instructions and suggestions.

“The magic of marketing is content, contact and consistency. All too often advisors miss one of the necessary components,” says Fitts. “The program is here to support advisor outreach and future growth so they can build their influence and business consistently without a huge time investment,” says Fitts.

The program also includes monthly webcasts to offer additional support and in-depth digital marketing training.

ShoeFitts is rolling out a BETA test of Ready, Set, Sell this month to fine-tune the offering and advisor experience. The full-scale rollout will occur in January 2015.