Sheri Fitts Offers Super Power Branding Tips at Money Quotient Retreat

ShoeFitts Marketing president and celebrated global speaker Sheri Fitts will decode the secrets to creating an emotionally relevant brand for financial life planners at the Money Quotient Retreat in September.

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) May 27, 2014

Emotionally relevant branding can improve client relationships and energize business practices beyond the ho-hum, according to Sheri Fitts, ShoeFitts Marketing president. Fitts is speaking to financial life planners on the power of effective branding at the Money Quotient Retreat held September 18 and 19 at the Clearwater Resort in Suquamish, Washington.

“The financial life planners attending this conference look at all aspects of their clients’ life and don’t just talk numbers,” explains Fitts. “They are life and goal counselors, and they should tap into their unique approach to make sure their marketing aligns with this philosophy and service.”

“Branding must go beyond logos and catch phrases to get at the core elements of your financial life practice,” says Fitts. “Behind any super-powered brand are unique experiences, stories, and imagery that deepen your relationship with clients and prospects.”

Your brand starts with who you are, but Fitts notes, “there a lot of advisors who believe their brand is who they think their clients want them to be, so they are missing a valuable marketing perspective.”

In addition to her “Branding: Your Super Power” presentation, Fitts will also host a social media bootcamp following the retreat to provide hands-on platform tips on Saturday, September 20, from 8:30 to noon. “I am excited to not only talk about marketing, but for those who are interested, give them a boost on social media and how to use it effectively.”

Social media is an integral part of marketing and should be fully embraced. “Financial life planners need to make sure they understand the differences among the various platforms and how best to utilize the business opportunities,” Fitts says. “We’ll cover all the basics, plus review ways to use social media in an effective and stress-free manner.”

About Sheri Fitts and ShoeFitts Marketing
Sheri Fitts is a celebrated global speaker and presents keynote addresses, breakout sessions, webinars, and daylong boot camps. She engages audiences by sharing stories of her own experiences and experiments, successes and learning moments, as well as a sweeping range of marketing and social media strategy-based topics, weaving humor and sincerity into her delivery.

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