If Bootcamp is not your style, let us do all the fancy footwork for you.

Sign up for our individualized Ready, Set, Social program, and we will:

  • Create your individual and/or business profile for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+
  • Craft eight SEO-rich social media updates for you on the topic of your choice
  • Add your company website links, photos, event listings, etc. to your social media profile
  • Provide the appropriate social media icons to your web designer/developer
  • Create a customized social media listening channel that brings you the most relevant, timely online information about your clients and business
  • Give you a customized, step-by-step social media policy template
  • Train you and your colleagues on social media essentials via a one-hour webinar that will be recorded so you can access it again later. No limit on attendees—invite as many as you want!

Investment: $2,500

Remember, we help you walk on the wild side when you need to.
(We are from Portlandia, after all.)
Contact us when you’re ready to step up and be noticed!