Introducing: SWAY | Elevate your influence.

If you have ANYTHING to sell or ANYONE to influence, THOUGHT LEADERSHIP is the only strategy for success.

You know this. You see other people doing it. You admire them. You follow them. And then? You come up with great ideas of your own – write blog post, participate more on LinkedIn, do more videos, start a podcast — but can’t seem to see them through. It feels overwhelming and complicated. So, you give up – and begin to feel like Bill Murray’s character in Ground Hogs Day. Repeating the same day over and over again in some warped time loop.

So how does one become a thought leader? Create content and do it consistently. It is that simple.

Of course, there is a story…

For years, people have asked me: Is there a way to get some help with the ideas you shared? Are you taking on clients? Do you coach people? How can I be a speaker? I want to be known as a guru. Can I be this crazy of a person at the company that just acquired my firm? I am ready to go for that promotion. I want to be you when I grow up.

Because I didn’t have anything to offer, I would put you on my email list and then ghost you.

I had never considered offering a place for a larger community to learn and grow together throughout the entire year. Because I didn’t know what that would look like. And I was worried it wouldn’t be perfect. Let’s be clear: I was being a chicken and letting fear rule the day.

But the more questions I got, the more the creative chipmunks in my brain began to chirp.

I love marketing, branding, teaching, technology, strategy, the power of thought leadership marketing…ALL THE THINGS. It’s my jam. Dare I say my zone of genius? I absolutely would love to take these 30 years of experience and pour them into my favorite people – the misfits, wildcards and dabblers; the purpose-driven people who cherish this marketplace; the introverts with big ideas; and the loud-mouthed salespeople, and bring them all together with one focus:

To elevate your influence.

The best way to help you stop dreaming and start doing is to support you on an ongoing basis, month after month, after month. So, I’m launching a membership community that does exactly that.

That community is called SWAY.

Together, we will create a place to share strategy, tactics and tools – and most importantly inspiration and enthusiasm – alongside a committed group of people willing to dive in, do the work, and build a community of thought leaders along the way.

What is SWAY?

It’s a mashup of learning and doing. Where ideas and strategies take action. It’s small bites rather than a three-day retreat. It’s a place to dip your toes in rather than a time-intensive, knowledge-heavy mastermind.

  • Monthly we’ll meet online and dive deeply into a topic that will help you elevate your thought leadership. We’ll cover everything from what it means to have a purpose-driven personal brand, the latest LinkedIn algorithm updates to using AI for content creation, cutting-edge video production resources, sales strategies for the hybrid world, growing your email list, optimizing your website (if you have one) and more.
  • Unleash your creativity and conquer your challenges with another monthly offering, a live, “Office Hours” session. Join us for a dynamic brainstorming session where we explore innovative ways to engage your audience, dive deep into a specific challenge, and address your pressing questions. Take a seat in the hot seat for hands-on help and personalized support, where we celebrate experimentation over perfection.
  • Revel in the power of community support with a Slack channel for in-the-moment questions, inspiration, and those holy smokes experiences via our Slack channel.
  • Sprinkled in, we’ll have special sessions with guest experts and thought leaders to share their strategies and tactics on how they found (and keep) their groove.
  • For the action impaired, we’ll toss in regular challenges where you can hone a specific skill in a fun (and competitive) way.
  • Of course, this will all be available via an online portal so you can catch the recordings – or go back and dive in when you are ready to take action.

I’m welcoming founding members into SWAY for only $997 – for life.

The number of founding members will be capped at 25. I will not offer the founding member option again. All future memberships will begin at $297 per month.

The doors to SWAY open March 1, 2023. Once we reach the initial group of founding members, my plan is to focus 100% on that brave crew, learn about their needs, explore their priorities and hold off on any further outreach for a bit.

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP is not a popularity contest scheming for the most likes on a post. It is not offering up platitudes in quote form on social media and hoping for engagement. It is not a narcissistic journey; it is one of generosity. It is not something only entrepreneurs need to consider. Employees inside organizations must absolutely build a THOUGHT LEADERSHIP strategy. It is not a destination; it is a journey of practicing, discovery and mastery.

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP is a powerful strategy that can enhance your personal and professional growth. By demonstrating your expertise and engaging ideas, you’ll increase visibility, build a strong personal brand, expand your career opportunities, and even drive sales success.

If you’re ready to be a thought leader and not just a thought thinker, I’d like to personally extend an invitation for you to join me on this journey and become a founding member.