How Well Are You Crafting Intentional Experiences?

Recent Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) research states that 45 percent of organizations polled do not yet have a projected return to worksite date, even as Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines have greatly relaxed social distancing recommendations. And, 68 percent of organizations report they probably or definitely will adopt broader or more flexible work from home policies for all workers.

That settles it. Some level of virtual communication (aka, the sea change from in-person to online interaction) is unlikely to reverse.

Virtual is here to stay. 

How well are you adapting to this new competitive landscape? Perhaps you finally invested in a decent webcam and ring light? Is that enough? Are you just turning on Zoom and hoping for the best? How prepared are you for meeting online when the stakes are especially high?

In a recent ASPPA Plan Consultant magazine article, I distilled my ongoing work into improving digital outcomes (or any essential marketing initiative for that matter) into “Five Keys to Crafting a More Intentional Virtual Experience:” 

  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Project trustworthiness
  • Promote engagement
  • Leverage the virtual experience as an extension of your brand
  • Manage the interface as a well-defined journey

By integrating thoughtful marketing, sharper branding — and, ultimately, a deeper emotional connection to clients and prospects — you can put more effective selling at the forefront of your business.

Here’s the link to the full article. 

ASPPA Plan Consultant Magazine – Spring 21