Happy National Sock Day!

If you’ve been in the audience when I speak or train, you know I love a question-asking-question-answering-all-in-engaged audience. And one of the ways that I “reward” people for their participation is to give away socks—they’re brightly colored, polka-dotted, cozy and high quality.

They’re unforgettable.

During two sessions I recently presented about the client experience at Schwab Impact 2017, I passed out about three-dozen pairs of socks. Yes, three dozen! (Well, the sessions were three hours each.)

Since I can’t give you socks today, I thought I’d share some of the homework and treats from that presentation, titled Out Care the Competition: How to Use the Power of Brand and Client Experience to Differentiate Your Firm.

  • AP Stylebook Cheat SheetI’m a fan of consistency in all things related, including words and punctuation. A clear set of rules makes all the difference. (Not unlike an Investment Policy Statement.) Professional writers and journalists use a style guide that outlines the “rules” about grammar, punctuation and more. I’ve grown up using the AP Stylebook, which contains the nit-pickiest writing and punctuation rules you’ll ever need to know. No need for that book just yet. To help you get started, I’ve created an AP Stylebook Cheat Sheet. Use it to put the final touches on your RFP responses or pitch book. As an example, are you consistent with your use of serial commas? What about setting numbers, such as “ten” or “10”?
  • If something is worth doing, it is worth doing intentionally. Even the quality of paper you select for your business cards matters. (What does a wimpy business card say about your organization?) Early in my career I was a graphic designer. I always knew that the feeling of paper mattered, I just didn’t have a scientific reason why. And then, when researching material for my client experience seminar, I found some very interesting work on the neuroscience of touch.
  • Finally, I love a good hack. To get you off to a good start for 2018 and beyond, I’ve created My Favorite Things, a short list of resources to help you hack your visual brand. In it I list some of my favorite marketing resources, such as Canva and iStock, just for starters.

Here’s to a lovely December. And here’s to celebrating National Sock Day wherever you are.