Filling Your LinkedIn Restaurant with Quality Connections

You know the warning about not going into an empty restaurant? The lack of customers is considered a bad sign and a reflection on the food. Such is the case with LinkedIn; people checking out your profile want to see customers at your table, or your Connections. That blue number to the far right of your profile box says whether or not you are an established and liked member of the financial services industry.

Your LinkedIn network is one of the most critical components of any social selling program. Yet, while bigger seems better, you need to cultivate your connections with care and purpose. Think of quality over quantity. Otherwise, if you try to connect with EVERYONE, you dilute your online efforts.

So, what’s the best way to start? Begin by considering the types of people you want in your network, or, as I like to say, your tribe. For instance, you probably have clients, prospects, vendors, industry influencers, community influencers, and more, who you want and need to include on your connection list.

Next up? Make certain your LinkedIn profile is professional and optimized. If you don’t already have my handy LinkedIn one-pager, Getting It Right – Top Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile, download it today. This tip sheet steps you through some of the key profile must-haves.