Explain Complex Retirement Plan Material With Infographics

ShoeFitts Marketing shows retirement plan professionals how to clarify complex information and engage clients and prospects by tapping into the power of visual imagery with a new infographic.

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) July 30, 2014

Professionals in the financial services marketplace should turn to more visuals, particularly infographics, when communicating complex material to their clients or prospects, according to Sheri Fitts, president of ShoeFitts Marketing. A visual perspective is especially useful, she notes, with social media posts on all platforms, not just the more photo-oriented sites.

“Social media is a very visual medium, so everyone in the financial services industry should look for ways to pair imagery with their text or combine the two with an infographic,” explains Fitts. “Studies show our brains process visuals in less than a second and retain that information much longer than pure text.”

To illustrate the power of visual imagery, Fitts recently created an infographic to clarify the complicated history of defined contribution plans and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). In the colorful illustration, Fitts shows a timeline with easy-to-follow text and corresponding illustrations to outline “The Evolution of ERISA”.

“I created the infographic to specifically show retirement plan advisors how to explain their ERISA expertise in a more understandable manner,” says Fitts. “Too often, I see lengthy copy full of jargon or hard-to-interpret information. Advisors need to show their industry smarts and make their world more user-friendly for clients and prospects.”

Social media posts with text alone are often overlooked and ignored. Visual elements can grab attention and help communicate information.

“Financial services advisors need to incorporate a vibrant social media presence with their marketing efforts to remain competitive,” says Fitts. “In today’s visually-oriented world, advisors and other retirement plan professionals need to attract their audience with interesting social media activity. A mix of imagery and text is a great way to garner that attention and provide worthwhile information.”

Fitts says the visual elements don’t have to be complex or costly. Photos, colorful graphics, and slideshows are good options, while infographics are the hot marketing tool.

About Sheri Fitts and ShoeFitts Marketing
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