Cialdini Influence: Tapping into the Power of Reciprocity

Women’s clothing retailer Anthropologie emails me a special coupon for my birthday. My friend’s local realtor brings her a pumpkin in the fall and offers a photo with Santa in December. A colleague receives a yearly birthday card from her husband’s college alma mater… Read more

Understand Persuasion to Improve Your Marketing

In today’s visually and connected world you can rarely escape the onslaught of advertising and brand marketing. Billboards, stores, websites, and more impact our every move, and every purchasing decision. Yet, why are some ads effective? Why do people opt for the choices they make, whether in B2B commitments or B2C transactions? Read more

A Dog’s View

At the recent National Speaker’s Association annual conference I was wowed by fabulous speakers, wonderful conversations, and useful tidbits I plan to incorporate into ShoeFitts Marketing and my speaking gigs. The event even included a great evening of dancing, which of course provided me with an excuse to wear my cowboy boots! I’ll share a few of those tidbits over the next few weeks, but if you must have some ideas now, my friend Don Cooper published this great article, 14 Sales Tips from NSA 14.

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My Dog, My Reality Check

Nearly every morning I head out with my beautiful little girl dog, aBoo (sounds like Abu), a 115-pound Newfoundland. We always walk the same trek: down the block, toward the neighborhood Catholic school, over a long hill, and then up 282 stairs to the top of Mount Tabor. The route is about three miles roundtrip or a bit more if we take the long way home.

I enjoy the walk, as it is great exercise, and the sunrise can be gorgeous from the top of the hill. Unfortunately, a recent morning walk wasn’t fun. In fact, it was quite frustrating. The problem? aBoo is a Snuffelator. When we walk she insists on stopping every several feet to sniff this and that, and all around. She also likes to stop in the middle of the sidewalk and wait for me to bribe her with a biscuit as payment for accompanying me on the walk. Note: She does not do this in the evenings when we are on “her” walk. Nope.

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Super Bowl Ads Provide Marketing Fodder

The 2014 Super Bowl game may not have played out as anticipated, but the much-hyped commercial onslaught was true to form this year as viewers were blitzed with cute kids and dogs, celebrity appearances, patriotism, rock stars, and explosive promos for upcoming action flicks and TV shows.

Phew! Time to digest all the snacks and the take-away knowledge from the good and bad commercials that you can apply to your own financial services marketing strategies.

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Marketing: What the other guy is doing while you’re being too busy.

As a small to medium-sized firm you are up, day after day, against established players that have more resources, more brand, customers, references. It is the story of David versus Goliath. That is the story that makes entrepreneurship exciting.

So the question is how do you beat Goliath? And it’s not through the better product, because no one knows about your services or product at the beginning. When you start, no one knows you. No one knows your name. So, you’ve got to break through the noise, you’ve got to break through everything your competitors are doing.

How do you do that? Marketing.

People tell me regularly that they don’t have time for marketing, that’s basically like saying:

  • I don’t have time to win customers.
  • I don’t have time to build a successful business.
  • I don’t have time to really get known in the marketplace and increase my position and branding of it.

Yipes that’s a little harsh! Let’s back up for just a moment. Here is what we know about sales in the retirement plan world:

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