LinkedIn: Three Tips to Elevate Your Efforts in 2014

Every time I prepare for an upcoming financial services conference or marketing strategy meeting I take a few minutes to review my LinkedIn profile and do a little homework on fellow attendees and participants. Why? Because optimally harnessed, LinkedIn can improve your visibility, strengthen your understanding of clients and competitors, and provide strategic business opportunities and connections.

Here are three tips to elevate your efforts in 2014!

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What Did You Learn Today?

I just wrapped up a call with an advisor located in Littleton Colorado; we had a wonderful conversation. I learned a bit about his business, his family, and he shared an amazing entrepreneurial story about his brother. (Learn more at: Salute American Vodka.)

How did the phone call come about? LinkedIn. Yes, we met via social media. Something that would not have happened 10 years ago is now a commonplace event in my life. I’ve met folks from Australia who’ve taught me about their retirement plan world and women from Boston who write fabulous prose. These relationships have happened because I choose to see LinkedIn as a starting place for connection rather than simply a new card added to my virtual Rolodex. Many organizations and individuals measure their online success by the amount of followers, connections, and likes they amass.  Recently, folks have begun to realize that it isn’t the quantity of connection, but quality. I agree.

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Don’t Be a Social Media Fool

In this updated version of this classic strategy game, financial advisors seek to dominate the world of social media. Navigating through FINRA guidance, they pass through the potentially treacherous territory of creating Facebook pages, learn how to create status updates designed to win the favor of compliance departments and avoid the pitfalls of accepting or providing recommendations. When it’s all said and done, winners will gain higher visibility with clients, potential clients, the media and industry influencers and add a powerful weapon to their strategic marketing arsenal.

Social Media Compliance Infographic



Elephant in the Chat Room

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