10 Things in 10 Years~ A Celebration

“If I don’t pull the trigger, I give you every permission to tell me to shut the flock up!” That is what I told a dear friend the Spring of 2012. You see, I kept saying, “When I grow up, I want to be a speaker and do my own thing,” for about five years […]

Three ways to create content that connects

Me: “Yes, you can create content.” Advisor: “But I can’t write. I could spend six hours trying to perfect a 1000-word blog post and it would be horrible. It would be awful!” A recent audience member said this to me yesterday. I had just finished up speaking about LinkedIn and my perspective on creating, curating […]

FiduciaryU podcast!

Do you have one of those ‘industry’ friends that you secretly wish was a capital F, FRIEND? ​ ​Josh Itzoe is one of those for me.​ ​ It seems the only times we can talk is in a crowded and busy hallway at some industry conference. And even within that tiny bit of time, he always […]

Status quo never made a sale

If financial services doesn’t change our client service models, and soon, our industry will go the way of the VHS tape. Question: How much of your day is spent aggregating accounts, calculating historic performance or handling routine money requests? How quickly are these rote office functions going to be replaced by AI? How much time […]