The FiduciaryU Podcast: Capturing Hearts and Minds with Sheri Fitts

Do you have one of those ‘industry’ friends that you secretly wish was a capital F, FRIEND? ​ ​Josh Itzoe is one of those for me.​ ​ It seems the only times we can talk is in a crowded and busy hallway at some industry conference. And even within that tiny bit of time, he always […]

Are you lazy? Or are you Liquid Death?

Over the short time of just 30 minutes, there they are: Two perfect lessons on marketing and messaging. Are you lazy? I’m a LinkedIn geek. I’ve been on the platform since the early days; have been teaching the financial services industry about the opportunity since 2006; and have more than 10,000 followers to prove it. This […]

Status quo never made a sale

If financial services doesn’t change our client service models, and soon, our industry will go the way of the VHS tape. Question: How much of your day is spent aggregating accounts, calculating historic performance or handling routine money requests? How quickly are these rote office functions going to be replaced by AI? How much time […]

There are no marketing hacks.

The whole concept of using clickbait to feed people into a lead generation “funnel” is slimy, in my book. (In what world would your best clients want to be classified as a ‘lead’ or manipulated into a funnel?)