What Did You Learn Today?

I just wrapped up a call with an advisor located in Littleton Colorado; we had a wonderful conversation. I learned a bit about his business, his family, and he shared an amazing entrepreneurial story about his brother. (Learn more at: Salute American Vodka.) How did the phone call come about? LinkedIn. Yes, we met via […]

Introducing Voila

Ann Schleck & Co and ShoeFitts Marketing have teamed up to offer Voilá, an innovative marketing and branding program for retirement plan advisors. The first full-day workshop will kick off in Boston, MA on July 23, 2013 and is designed to provide a hands-on opportunity to improve each advisor’s brand and provide new marketing collateral […]

ShoeFitts Marketing Recommends Cybersleuthing for Advisors Sales and Fact-finding Efforts

The online world allows many opportunities to discover more about prospective clients, competitors and industry trends. Rather than a broadcasting-only approach to social media, financial advisors should create a listening channel to raise awareness and build connections. Portland, OR June 03, 2013 All too often, social media is viewed as a one-way street – an […]

Cybersleuthing for Sales Success

Over past few months, I’ve been hit with identity fraud issues through my bank account. Several weeks ago, I headed to the bank branch where my account was originally established. Within 24 hours, they had ironed out 75% of my issues—and had my balance resolved by Friday afternoon. They took a horrible experience and, through […]