ShoeFitts Marketing Recommends Cybersleuthing for Advisors Sales and Fact-finding Efforts

The online world allows many opportunities to discover more about prospective clients, competitors and industry trends. Rather than a broadcasting-only approach to social media, financial advisors should create a listening channel to raise awareness and build connections. Portland, OR June 03, 2013 All too often, social media is viewed as a one-way street – an […]

Cybersleuthing for Sales Success

Over past few months, I’ve been hit with identity fraud issues through my bank account. Several weeks ago, I headed to the bank branch where my account was originally established. Within 24 hours, they had ironed out 75% of my issues—and had my balance resolved by Friday afternoon. They took a horrible experience and, through […]

Choices: Courage or Commonplace?

I was faced with a challenge: Which subject line would I use in that first ShoeFitts email communication? I had two options—was I over thinking things?—and needed to choose a direction. This was a newsletter announcement letter being sent to thousands of people. Let’s face it: It’s easy to offer up the expected.  Or, I […]

Generation D

The Digital Generation It has been unseasonably warm during the first few days of May here in Portland. This weekend we hit 80 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday. And, of course, weekend + sunshine = barbecue. My plan was to purchase a new grate replacement for our little Smokey Joe grill and call it […]