The Internet: An Unbreakable Must-Do

Have you ever attended a social event and ended up talking to a young adult, perhaps new to the workforce and most likely clueless about investing? You may have tried to explain all the merits of getting started early. You’re aware how these situations end: the slightly dazed twenty-something politely thanks you and immediately discards […]

Digital Trends for 2014

I have a friend named Ernest whom I deeply respect. He’s an old-world kind of guy who has seen it all and done it all, but he isn’t a know-it-all. He’ll dispense advice, but only when asked, and only if he has a definite answer. Ernest has been happily married for 41 years. I recently […]

Social Media Policy: Getting Clear on the Rules

We’ve heard stories of disgruntled employees who are pink-slipped after committing some social media sin deemed unacceptable by their powers that be. To avoid a similar fate, take a close look at the principles and standards that govern your employees’ or firm’s use of Facebook and other social media channels. Are they clear and accessible, […]

ShoeFitts Marketing Finds Super Bowl Ads Illustrate Key Marketing Strategies and Lessons for Financial Advisors

  Financial Advisors should understand why some Super Bowl commercials were immediate hits and others completely missed the mark or were poorly timed. By using this knowledge they can apply the lessons to their own financial services business development and marketing strategies. Portland, OR February 05, 2014 The 2014 Super Bowl game may not have […]