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Social Graces

Recently, while dining out with friends, our food server delivered the wrong order to our table. The dish also happened to be topped with an ingredient of which one friend is seriously allergic. While thanking our server for the prompt delivery I calmly explained the situation. She was horrified and apologetic. We threw in some […]

Editorial Calendars: Three Ways to Organize Your Social Activity

We know that organization is a key component to most successful and sustainable efforts, including the development of a solid social media strategy. Wouldn’t it be terrific if you could find a way to keep on top of the perpetual task of content creating and curating? Using an editorial calendar is a great way to […]

Sheri Fitts Presents DCIO Marketing and Branding Strategies at Financial Research Associates’ Conference

At the Financial Research Associates’ presentation, Ms. Fitts speaks specifically to DCIO professionals about generating brand awareness in a competitive marketplace, sourcing ideas from target audiences and clients, and evolving marketing plans. Boston, MA January 07, 2014 Generating brand awareness using time-effective methods and active client sourcing are key highlights of the presentation by Sheri […]

Planning on Purpose: New Year’s Reflections

December 1, 2013 marked my first anniversary as a business owner. Yahoo! I knew that I would learn so much about running a business, leveraging social media, and about me, personally; all driving forces behind launching ShoeFitts. I wanted to experiment, push around some boundaries, and continue to explore what others need and want from […]

The World Needs More Storytellers

As a public speaker, I have a dream of creating my own TED Talk. Spending eighteen minutes on stage expressing a passionate idea I believe can change the world. (Of course, my concept would center around rebooting the way we teach, talk, and share information about money and retirement.) Yep, it is on my bucket […]

Three Easy Tips to Elevate Your LinkedIn Usage in 2014

ShoeFitts Marketing President Sheri Fitts explains how LinkedIn can improve visibility, strengthen client and competitor knowledge, and provide strategic business opportunities and connections. Portland, OR December 23, 2013 With the year quickly drawing to a close, now is the ideal time for retirement plan professionals to improve their LinkedIn profile and make better use of […]

401kWire Names Sheri Fitts to 100 Most Influential People List

Expertise from a 20-plus-year career in defined contribution market brings ShoeFitts Marketing President Sheri Fitts accolades from retirement plan industry members. Portland, OR December 23, 2013 ShoeFitts Marketing President Sheri Fitts is one of the 100 Most Influential People in the Defined Contribution Industry according to the recently released annual 401kWire.com survey. “I’m extremely honored […]

LinkedIn: Three Tips to Elevate Your Efforts in 2014

Every time I prepare for an upcoming financial services conference or marketing strategy meeting I take a few minutes to review my LinkedIn profile and do a little homework on fellow attendees and participants. Why? Because optimally harnessed, LinkedIn can improve your visibility, strengthen your understanding of clients and competitors, and provide strategic business opportunities […]

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

Our opinions of a company or a person are formed in that introductory split second. That impression—positive or negative—shades our experiences and actions going forward. Unfortunately, that first assessment may be absolutely incorrect. But when we define these initial perceptions, as seen through our [metaphorical] lens, as fact, they can be difficult to reframe; it’s […]

Sheri Fitts Stresses Social Media Etiquette for Retirement Plan Professionals

Well-crafted social media and marketing messages need courtesy and manners to avoid common decorum errors and the wrath of Nana. Portland, OR October 30, 2013 Marketing and social media strategist Sheri Fitts is following in her Nana’s footsteps by stressing the value of proper correspondence etiquette and values in today’s competitive retirement plan industry. “We […]