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Don’t Be a Social Media Fool

In this updated version of this classic strategy game, financial advisors seek to dominate the world of social media. Navigating through FINRA guidance, they pass through the potentially treacherous territory of creating Facebook pages, learn how to create status updates designed to win the favor of compliance departments and avoid the pitfalls of accepting or […]

What My Nana Taught Me About Social Media

My Nana was a stickler for doing things right. And with Nana there was always a right way and a wrong way. (Nana = right, everyone else = wrong.) After the holidays, the four Fitts children were required to write thank you notes and zip them off to Nana and Grandad in Boise, Idaho. Most […]

Every Step You Take… Makes a Difference

Last year, the 401k Summit leadership offered the opportunity for early attendees to share their hearts and hands through participation in several Rebuilding Together worksites. Attendees worked on a range of projects, including retiling bathrooms, landscaping, insulating walls, painting, and installing new windows and cabinets. The response from the volunteers was overwhelming, and their efforts […]

Views from the Summit: Start With Why; Start With a Story

We’ve all been to one — a presentation where the speaker has a great set of slides and is leading a highly effective and educational presentation. Unfortunately, he or she isn’t engaging the audience in any meaningful way. People move around in their seats and start checking their smartphones. They know they should be listening; […]

Begin at the Beginning

When I am not traveling for work, mornings find me walking my dog, Aboo. We hike up to Mount Tabor Park in Portland, OR, an amazing urban landscape of huge trees and quiet trails. Near one of the park entrances, a rock wall is being installed.

Social Media and High Net Worth Investors

It’s evident that financial and retirement plan advisors are wary of the social media platform. Some of the leading reasons include the compliance issues involved, the time it takes to manage social media, and simply getting started. Yet, the way that we communicate, both personally and professionally, has been changed forever with the advent of […]

Guidance on Engaging with Social Media’s ‘Big Five’

Measuring social media results can be an art. But many smart business people know that measuring is what matters. Like marketing, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact moment a prospect decided to become a client, and ensure that you’re able to recreate that moment again and again. There are a variety of analytical […]

Using Google Alerts

Would having the ability to receive an email the moment one of your clients receives an accolade or award be helpful to you in solidifying relationships? What about some type of an automated way to scour the web everyday to research a specific topic such as MEPs or retirement income (and use this content for […]