Are you lazy? Or are you Liquid Death?

Over the short time of just 30 minutes, there they are: Two perfect lessons on marketing and messaging.

Are you lazy?

I’m a LinkedIn geek. I’ve been on the platform since the early days; have been teaching the financial services industry about the opportunity since 2006; and have more than 10,000 followers to prove it.

This morning I received a very, extremely, unusual, and remarkable invitation to connect. When I saw it, I was immediately inclined to accept. 😑 Not really.

Very curious. I am guessing that shortly after this GENERIC invitation, I would receive an automatic (and equally as generic) sales pitch for their services.

Marketing and messaging lesson Number One: GENERIC doesn’t work. GENERIC doesn’t touch my soul. GENERIC is boring. Don’t do GENERIC.

If someone is important enough that you want them in your LinkedIn network or as your client take the time to learn what makes THEM SPECIAL. And then use that information in your invitation. That will be the perfect pattern interrupt to help them stop their scroll and say yes to your invite. (What’s your favorite/not-favorite LinkedIn invite? Hit reply and do tell. Maybe I’ll make a Top 10 list to share?)

Are you Liquid Death?!

I love me some bubbly water. Can’t get enough. I especially love bubbly water with ice and lime. Which is a sin in many circles. If you’ve ever seen me on a LIVE stream, I must work to stop myself from chewing ice; it’s not a good look/sound/impression.


I’m in Austin, Texas right now. I’ve arrived early so that I am very ready to kick some aspirations from the main stage tomorrow morning.

Went to a quick mart of sorts to fill up on Diet Pepsi, Starbucks canned espresso with cream and some BUBBLY water. Of course, I grabbed this can.

Liquid Death has some of my favorite marketing and messaging EVER. Here’s their manifesto:

“We’re just a funny water company who hates corporate marketing as much as you do. Our evil mission is to make people laugh and get more of them to drink more water more often, all while helping to kill plastic pollution.”

Yipes. The can looks scary. It actually looks like it could be beer? It’s curious, inviting, and fun. And, it is almost as if I’m in on a little secret because I KNOW THAT LIQUID DEATH IS JUST WATER. It’s like the secret menu at In-N-Out Burger. (Double Double, Animal style, please.)

Marketing and messaging lesson Number Two: You have got to stand out. And that might piss some people off. They might think your attempt at your version of Liquid Death was off – and demonstrated poor taste. (They could be grumpy on the regular – so there’s that.)

That’s o.k.

You are not for everyone. In fact, you really can’t serve everyone anyway. So, why not help people find you by being different?

Absolutely different. Absolutely bold. Absolutely brave. Perhaps be different enough to trash your mission statement and create a manifesto instead?