2023 Check-in: Was your world domination delayed a bit?

Yep. We’re halfway through 2023. If you’re anything like me, and just about everyone else, those lofty goals we set in January have faded. Remember that grand plan you so creatively put together? The one that practically had you ruling the world by now?

How’s that coming along?

Admittedly, my own plans have hit a few snags. Take, for example, my endeavor to use a CRM consistently. It lasted all of three attempts before joining a several of my other resolutions in the sad and dusty corner. Because, let’s be honest, who among us was truly born to fill out spreadsheets and track KPIs? (That’s my recurring excuse to my business coach anyway. 🤣)

So, how about a reset?

What if, instead of succumbing to the summer vacation lethargy, you kick-started your preparations for 2024? What if you chose this moment, while everyone else is lounging in their hammocks, to get a head start?

That’s exactly what I intend to do. I’m setting out to squeeze the MOST out of the remaining year, where MOST is an acronym for mission, objectives, strategies and tactics.

For MISSION, what’s your big-picture goal for the remaining months? Something catchy, a mantra that both you (and your team) can rally around. I’m veering off the conventional path, making community my primary focus over profit. This decision is based on my belief that when we prioritize impact over ego, extraordinary things follow. In living this mission, I hope to amplify the love within my existing platform and #LEVERAGELOVE.

When it comes to OBJECTIVE, what’s your quantifiable target that aligns with your mission? Is it gaining five new clients? Adding 2,000 subscribers to your newsletter? Or perhaps, publishing two insightful pieces in industry journals? For me, my own objective is a bit more personal – creating and giving away 100 handmade glass hearts by year-end. What’s the reasoning? It’s my way of sharing love and acknowledgment with my community. It’s honoring a meaningful connection. It’s sending a hug to someone suffering a tragic loss or a celebrating a joyous union. 100 tokens of love dispersed into the world.**

Next comes STRATEGIES. This is where you establish a game plan to meet your objectives. Maybe you want to enhance your client experience to foster more referrals? Or consider expanding the services you provide to deepen client value? My focus areas are ways for me to #LEVERAGELOVE in three different ways: Ongoing engagement inside the SWAY Community, celebrating my partners and sponsors, and mastering my craft of content creation and outreach skills.

And finally, TACTICS. This is where the rubber meets the road. Your to-do list(s). The podcasts, the phone calls, and yes even the (gasp!) KPIs. For example, if you wanted to enhance your client experience, a great tactic could be to create a client survey to gather valuable insights and establish a foundational plan to move forward. Or, if you’re looking to expand your network or partnership base, a tactic could be to arrange and conduct regular networking or partnership meetings – whether virtual or in-person – to connect with potential collaborators and learn how you might serve them.

How will I bring my strategies to life? Here are my tactics:

  • Host weekly LIVE sessions where I can leverage my ideas, strategies and resources and bring them to the broader financial services world. These will eventually be repurposed into a podcast and highlights featured in a new LinkedIn newsletter.
  • Feature celebratory shoutouts and updates of the SWAY Community in my newsletters and social media; extend this practice to partners and sponsors.*
  • Continue to hone my craft of content and thought leadership in a consistent way via this newsletter, contributed articles and speaking (of course!).

So, here we are, smack in the middle of 2023, and I’m already plotting a takeover for 2024.

What about you?

I’m not suggesting we skip all the poolside margaritas. 😉 Just a few. That way we can be the sneaky, ambitious souls stirring up a storm for the year ahead.

2024 won’t know what hit it.