Sheri Fitts Offers Super Power Branding Tips at Money Quotient Retreat

ShoeFitts Marketing president and celebrated global speaker Sheri Fitts will decode the secrets to creating an emotionally relevant brand for financial life planners at the Money Quotient Retreat in September. Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) May 27, 2014 Emotionally relevant branding can improve client relationships and energize business practices beyond the ho-hum, according to Sheri Fitts, ShoeFitts […]

LinkedIn is a Waste of Time

Who has time for social media sites? And why bothering joining LinkedIn; it’s only good for creating a glorified resume, right? Clients only appreciate face-to-face contact in the financial services industry; social media is not for professionals.

My Dog, My Reality Check

Nearly every morning I head out with my beautiful little girl dog, aBoo (sounds like Abu), a 115-pound Newfoundland. We always walk the same trek: down the block, toward the neighborhood Catholic school, over a long hill, and then up 282 stairs to the top of Mount Tabor. The route is about three miles roundtrip […]