7 Must Knows About Social Media Compliance

When it comes to social media I often find myself remembering the fable of the town gossip. Overcome with shame at his misconduct, the gossiper asked the town elder how he could repair all the terrible things he’d said. In response, the town elder split open a pillow and watched as the feathers were cast […]

LinkedIn Expands Features and Analytics

Social media sites are valuable tools in the retirement plan industry and LinkedIn is one of my preferred connection resources. The professional networking site is not the answer to business success–nothing is that simple–but it does offer some pretty nifty features to make your life easier. And lucky for all of us, it keeps getting […]

The Internet: An Unbreakable Must-Do

Have you ever attended a social event and ended up talking to a young adult, perhaps new to the workforce and most likely clueless about investing? You may have tried to explain all the merits of getting started early. You’re aware how these situations end: the slightly dazed twenty-something politely thanks you and immediately discards […]

Digital Trends for 2014

I have a friend named Ernest whom I deeply respect. He’s an old-world kind of guy who has seen it all and done it all, but he isn’t a know-it-all. He’ll dispense advice, but only when asked, and only if he has a definite answer. Ernest has been happily married for 41 years. I recently […]