Social Media Gone Bad: Have a Plan

No matter how sound your social media strategy, things can potentially veer off into a ditch. It’s important to have a pre-determined plan in place for unexpected social media mayhem, even if you never need it. You don’t want to be confronted with a digital disaster that requires response and be stuck trying to determine what needs handling and by whom.

Let’s look to the social media sharing app, Buffer, as a shining example of how to handle the unforeseen. In the face of a security breach, they had a plan in place and they executed it seamlessly.

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#HashTags: So Much More Than a Pound Sign

The work of creating and curating your best content is done and you’re ready to bring it to the digital space. Hashtags, those pound signs from old rotary phones (#), more recently seen on social media networks, are symbols that group our digital matter with other related, online content.

They organize content and also increase the visibility of your posts, as your content will be grouped with others. This improves your chances of more views. For example, as media outlets recently streamed content related to the government shutdown to various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, they largely agreed to tack the hashtag #shutdown to related posts. This collective tagging effort neatly organized all related content so interested parties could find everything they wanted to see in one central location. Utilizing a #keyword search, hashtags allow users to receive a relevant search return of topic-specific posts.

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Social Graces

Recently, while dining out with friends, our food server delivered the wrong order to our table. The dish also happened to be topped with an ingredient of which one friend is seriously allergic. While thanking our server for the prompt delivery I calmly explained the situation. She was horrified and apologetic. We threw in some humor—“Does anyone have 911 on speed dial?”—which really improved things; five minutes later our corrected food order arrived. When we received our bill, two meals had been credited back to us. The entire experience spoke to the effectiveness of courteous, respectful interaction and it reminded me that, oftentimes, kind-hearted engagement just works.

This principle extends to many modes and areas of interaction. Minding your manners in the digital space is critical, but that’s often underestimated, unconsidered, or just plain forgotten. Some people seem to forget courtesy when the face-to-face aspect of connection isn’t part of the equation.

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Editorial Calendars: Three Ways to Organize Your Social Activity

We know that organization is a key component to most successful and sustainable efforts, including the development of a solid social media strategy.

Wouldn’t it be terrific if you could find a way to keep on top of the perpetual task of content creating and curating? Using an editorial calendar is a great way to invite calm into the chaotic process of ensuring that you’re generating enough social media activity.

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Sheri Fitts Presents DCIO Marketing and Branding Strategies at Financial Research Associates’ Conference

At the Financial Research Associates’ presentation, Ms. Fitts speaks specifically to DCIO professionals about generating brand awareness in a competitive marketplace, sourcing ideas from target audiences and clients, and evolving marketing plans.

Boston, MA
January 07, 2014

Generating brand awareness using time-effective methods and active client sourcing are key highlights of the presentation by Sheri Fitts, president and founder of ShoeFitts Marketing, at the Financial Research Associates’ seventh annual “Opportunities in the DCIO Market” conference on Tuesday, January 14, at the Harvard Club in Boston.

Ms. Fitts’ expertise comes at the “Launching an Effective Marketing and Value-Add Campaign” sales and marketing spotlight session on day one of the two-day event designed exclusively for Defined Contribution Investment Only (DCIO) professionals.

“DCIO firms create so much material and resources for the retirement plan arena. My objective in this presentation is to help them understand how to extract maximum value for their time and effort,” Ms. Fitts explains.

Ms. Fitts is a renowned marketing and social media strategist and she launched ShoeFitts in 2012. She has quickly created recognition for both herself and the company and was recently named to The 100 Most Influential People in Defined Contributions survey conducted annually by

At the Financial Research Associates’ presentation, Ms. Fitts speaks specifically to DCIO professionals about generating brand awareness in a competitive marketplace, sourcing ideas from target audiences and clients, and evolving marketing plans.

“In addition to great materials, firms must focus on the ongoing change management,” Fitts notes. “How are they going to support advisors after the initial delivery of resources? It can’t be a singular visit model.”

Ms. Fitts is joined at the sales and marketing session by Brandon Shea, Managing Director/DCIO National Sales Manager at Ridgeworth Investments, and Matt Schortmann, Head of Institutional Product & Strategy at Columbia Management.

About Sheri Fitts and ShoeFitts Marketing:
Sheri Fitts is a celebrated global speaker and presents keynote addresses, breakout sessions, webinars, and daylong boot camps. She engages audiences by sharing stories of her own experiences and experiments, successes and learning moments, as well as a sweeping range of marketing and social media strategy-based topics, weaving humor and sincerity into her delivery.

ShoeFitts Marketing is a Portland, Oregon-based company specializing in marketing strategy and social media development for the retirement plan industry. The company’s approach is simple: use the right tool for the right job. ShoeFitts knows how to work within the parameters of the regulated environment from decades of experience working in the financial services marketplace. The company has galvanized industry marketing and social media efforts by developing a cache of premium products and customized training sessions, and using progressive strategies to provide fresh opportunities for clients to establish standout roles in their industry.

Planning on Purpose: New Year’s Reflections

December 1, 2013 marked my first anniversary as a business owner. Yahoo! I knew that I would learn so much about running a business, leveraging social media, and about me, personally; all driving forces behind launching ShoeFitts. I wanted to experiment, push around some boundaries, and continue to explore what others need and want from a marketing organization in the financial services arena.

While there are huge projects that I want to tackle in the coming year, I realize that the berth of knowledge I’ve gained in Year One is worth sharing—a sizeable task in its own right. I want to take a moment to reflect on what I learned in 2013. I hope to explore these touchpoints in greater detail in the coming weeks and months.

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