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It’s not business. It’s personal.

Behavioral science tells us that most people make financial decisions based not on reason, but emotion. Yet most financial professionals highlight their smarts, not feelings.

You have the rational money part down cold. But what may be just out of reach is connecting with people in an increasingly digital world. And that puts your future success and growth at risk. Something is being lost in the shift to automation and digital and virtual engagement—the irreplaceable human touch.

We need to out care—not just outthink—the competition. And we need to champion Emotional Intelligence (EQ), not Artificial Intelligence (AI) through digitalEQ™.

operation: amplify

Operation: Amplify is a 3-day immersive experience designed to help you step into, and package, your brilliance by giving you the tools, frameworks, and methods to convert your years of hard-earned knowledge into thought leadership that gets you showcased as an industry leader.

Find more best-fit clients with less effort

Boost referrals without asking

Be unforgettable!

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operation: amplify
A 3-day, in-person master class.
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Join Sheri to amplify your expertise and claim your thought leadership.

help for financial professional

Financial Professionals

Accelerate digitalEQ in your practice through our tailored solutions, thought leadership and resources.

Webinars | Workshops
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Event Planners

Inspire your attendees with powerful content that shows them how to connect on a human level.

Keynotes | Workshops

Financial Organizations

Engage and motivate people by championing a sustainable and shareable culture that emphasizes people.

Workshops | Speaking

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“It was a fun presentation packed with incredibly useful information. Every financial services professional should learn this stuff!”

G.K., Vice President
DCIO Division of Leading Asset Management Firm

“Sheri delivered an inspiring and session on the last day of our signature client event that was thought provoking and impactful.”

P.A., Senior Vice President Plan Provider

“I’m much more ‘camera confident’ and really stand out from competition. Not to mention (breaking) in with some big teams who are now more engaged and exploring big opportunities…your insight made a big difference.”

C.A., Defined Contribution Consultant

Join Sheri’s clients. You will be in excellent company.

Representative client list.

sheri fitts' clients

Join Sheri’s clients. You will be in excellent company.

Representative client list.

sheri fitts' clients

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